Fundraising Ideas for Kids

When it comes to raising money for charity, don’t forget the power of kids fundraising. Children are both enthusiastic, and difficult to say no to! And there are lots of ways to boost income for your cause by getting the kids fundraising. Children find jumble and garage sales irresistible; the thought of turning old toys and unwanted books into cash really motivates them, and if they can see the difference they’re making to charity, kids will drive hard bargains with their donors!

Outside of school, kids like to help out in the local community. If your children are looking to raise money for a cause in need, we’ve a great choice of fundraising ideas to get them started.
Whether that’s by organising a raffle, cake sale or talent show for family and friends; there are so many possibilities when it comes to fundraising. No matter how big or small their contribution to a charity may be, everything makes a difference.


A traditional form of fundraising that never gets old is a raffle. In order to make sure everything is above board, there are legal requirements which need to be considered. If your raffle involves selling tickets to the general public (organised fundraising events excluded) you need to obtain a license. Click here to learn more about raffle licenses.

Alternatively, free prize draws are perfectly fine. With these, the tickets are free but you can ask for donations. This way, people aren’t required to pay (but hopefully they will).

Encourage neighbours to get involved and donate amazing prizes that everyone will want to win. Then promote your upcoming raffle! Let the little ones show their creative side with personalised posters, invitations and raffle tickets. It’s sure to get the whole community donating.

Cake Sale

Who can say no to a cake sale? With a few simple ingredients and decorations, it’s easy to catch the attention of neighbours and raise cash for a deserving cause. Our advice is to try and hold your cake sale near a special occasion e.g. Halloween, as this helps to increase donations. If the whole street contributes, it’ll be a fantastic fundraising event.

If cakes aren’t your thing, you could try books, toys, sweets, whatever you like. Sales of any kind are easy to organise, and great fun; just pick a date, invite your neighbours, have a stall and donation’s tin at the ready, and you’re all set!

Talent Show

Kids love a talent show, so why not encourage your little ones to host their own? From the back garden to the local community centre, it can be as all singing and all dancing as they want it to be. Find yourself a fabulous line-up of local stars and the audience are sure to be on their feet.

Ask parents to bring food and refreshments and promise a party your neighbours won’t forget. It’s a fun and entertaining way for children to fundraise whilst raising awareness of an important cause at the same time.
Thinking of fundraising with the kids? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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