Choose an Adventure Challenge of a lifetime

What’s your idea of a great weekend? If your spare time is spent in the pursuit of excitement and thrills, you’re in the right place! Adventure challenges do exactly what they say on the tin; they provide you with an opportunity to raise money for your favourite charity by doing something you love – pushing the limits!

Whether your challenge will be on land, sea, or in the air, we’ve got the definitive list of ideas that will raise as much money as they do hair. So what are you waiting for? Click the button and dive right in!

Help a charity with an adventure challenge?

If you’re looking to go that extra mile for a cause you care about, try an adventure challenge. Unlike a local bake-off or quiz night, adventure challenges require determination and strength, both physically and mentally.

If you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace a whole new experience in the name of charity, adventure challenges are for you. They’re a great opportunity to really generate interest in your cause.

It shows true dedication to your chosen charity, and that’s something worth shouting about. If you’re interested in going above and beyond to raise money for a cause, here’s how.

Trek it

Why not don the walking boots and join thousands of others in trekking for charity? As you can imagine, it’s a very physically demanding activity that can take days to complete. But it’s a fantastic way to fundraise whilst witnessing some of the UK’s most incredible natural attractions.

Throughout the year, you can choose from hundreds of challenges across the country. From the 3 Peaks Challenge to Fright Hikes and TrekFest; there’s an adventure to suit you. Head to Global Adventure Challenges for the full line-up of what treks to expect in the upcoming months.

A favourite of ours is the TrekFest – The Peaks. After the amazing success, they had last year, TrekFest had to do it again. Depending on how brave you’re feeling, entrants can complete 54 miles in 24 hours or 27 miles in 12 hours for their chosen charity. It’s an unforgettable experience that takes you across one of the UK’s most breath-taking National Parks, the Peak District. Get involved!

Cycle it 

If trekking isn’t your style – cycle it! Similar to trek challenges, there are lots of great cycling events just waiting for you to sign up. From night-time bike rides to heading overseas, you’re sure to find the perfect cycling challenge for you.

An adventure that caught our eye was the London to Paris bike ride. A 300-mile route that takes 4 days to complete; it’s not for the fainthearted. You’ll start in London, cycle through stretches of beautiful British countryside till you reach Dover, hop on a ferry and speed your way to the Eiffel Tower finish line.

All luggage, water and food are taken care of; all you need to concentrate on is the challenge itself. Cycle the same track as the Tour de France stars.

Team it

Why go it alone? Most events can be done as a team, so rally the troops and get everyone involved. Taking a big group along for the ride (or trek) will keep morale high and promises lots of fun! The more the merrier.

You can raise money by simply shopping online!

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